The CBA team in Barcelona

April was a very exciting month for CIZZY Bridal Australia! We travelled to Spain to attended our very first Barcelona Bridal Fashion week!

Arriving in this historic and vibrant city we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document Zavana Bridal’s presence in the beautiful streets of Barcelona.

With the CIZZY Bridal A team, we took to the streets to make some magic together!

We were lucky to have an incredible team of creatives travelling to Barcelona who made this photoshoot come to life!

The beautiful Mikayla Suen, our very own admin assistant by day and model come evening, wears Zavana Bridal ZB255-1Z.

Makeup and hair was done by the talented Imen Chow, our international relationship manager who is also a freelance makeup artist.

These stunning photos were captured by Alannah Jade our marketing coordinator who runs her own photography business in Western Australia.

Our International brand manager Breanne Iredell had the vision to bring Zavana bridal to the streets of Barcelona and Poppy Shwass was the perfect assistant!

The streets of Barcelona were buzzing with the sound of street performers and the laughter of happy Catalans after their ritualist siesta - something we all embraced while in Spain and now mourn back in Australia!

As we navigated through the narrow streets we mastered the art of getting lost, discovering majestic backdrops and attracting admirers!


Barcelona was the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot and we hope to be back again very soon!

Thanks for having us Barcelona!



Alannah Jade Photography



Mikayla Suen



Imen Chow



Breanne Iredell



Poppy Schwass


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