Marilie + Jonathan


How did you meet?

We first met at a friend's dinner party. I very nearly didn’t end up going because I had finished work so late that day. Jonathan and I spoke mostly towards the end of the night. While we were both driving home, we realised that we lived in the same neighbourhood, as I stalked him through the streets until we finally took our own turns. He ended up finding me on Facebook and we became running buddies. We were best friends for a good 8 months before realising that just maybe we were meant to be.

Tell us about your wedding…

Jonathan and I wanted the ceremony to be close to nature, and we found the perfect location that we knew would create a lot of meaning for us. Our ceremony was held at ANZAC Park, under the shade of the large fig trees and situated right next to the marina. It was lovely having the ANZAC memorial close by, as my husband is in the military and it means a lot to him. It was the perfect day, and we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather with a stunning view of the blue water in the background.

After the ceremony we had an incredible time with our photographers. We had a super fun bridal party and couldn’t stop laughing the whole way. At this stage I was so hungry, and my photographer Charlie insisted my maid of honour give me her McDonald’s burger that the groomsmen picked up. I felt so bad, but they insisted I needed food! 

Our reception was held at The Ville Resort. It was beyond beautiful and extremely elegant. We took a leap of faith when booking the reception, as the resort was undergoing major renovations and our venue hadn’t even been built yet! The night was casual, relaxing, and all about spending time with friends and family. We had live acoustic music playing throughout the night and a little photobooth for extra entertainment. Jonathan and I stayed on site at The Ville that night so we didn’t need to drive anywhere afterwards. 

What was the most memorable moment of the night?

The speeches were definitely the most memorable, funniest, and most heart-warming part of the night. As well as our first dance, which was just so dreamy. We certainly didn’t practice any dancing but it was such a special moment together.

What was the most unique thing about your wedding?

All of my family are South African, so just after the first dance we asked all the South African couples come to the dance floor and take part in a traditional dance called “Sokkie”. It was great fun! Another personal touch was my bouquet - I chose the protea flower to represent both Australia (the country I call home) and South Africa (my country of origin) as they are native to both. The unique things at our wedding weren’t necessarily noticeable to others, but they sure held a lot of meaning for us.



Wedding Date:



Charleigh Photography


Jesse Bellan

Ceremony Venue:


Reception Venue:

The Ville Resort


Daniel Friend Music (Olivia Friend)

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Samantha Wills

Bridesmaid Dresses:

Shona Joy

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Dina Jones

Makeup Artist:

Annabelle May

Cake Designer:

Otto’s Patisserie


Townsville Flower Market

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